tetley tea

November 25th, 2021


A counter proposal for Tetley Tea's tin packaging to replace it with something that could be more functional and recyclable. The question is—could the packaging be more functional and recyclable? Can the design of the packaging be cleaner, more modern, consistent in design and more competitive on a store shelf?


NOTES: sketches, prototype and die cuts.

Tetley Tea originally catered to females between the ages of 25 and 85 within the upper-middle to high income classes of England and extending to the rest of the world. Now they have, over time, introduced more exotic flavours and variations on how to drink the tea to target a younger, health focused demographic of people. They have also been making a conscious effort to make their products recyclable and their tea bags compostable. All their other products including the TetleySoft packs, Cartons and Large packs are recyclable. The only thing left on their production line to convert is in the packing of their major tea collection, currently packed in containers made of plastic and soft metal.

Keeping in mind the direction that the company seems to be heading in, designing a more accessible and recyclable package felt necessary. The first image of the slider above shows the initially sketches followed by the development of the design.

NOTES: final product renders and photos of prototypes made in real life.

The core of the new design is more so commentary on the idea of perspective. I felt it was important to incorparate mental health elements into the design due to the calming nature of tea. The hope and assumption is that the new design betters your mood and reminds you everytime you take a second to drink the tea that you should remember to be happy. The bottom of the packing has the quote ,"this could be the bottom," to direct you that that’s the part of the box you can use as the bottom but also to send you a message that whatever you’re going through, smile through it, even if it feels like your bottom.