playstation 5

October 15th, 2020


A counter proposal for the Playstation 5 that came out November 12th, 2020. It was intended to highlight the new hardware features of the console, namely, "Haptick Feedback" and "Adaptive triggers" for the controller, and "3D Audio" for the new headphones. These were highlighted in the actual campaign as well. The question is—could there have been a more captivating execution for the target demographic?


NOTES: Sketches and final designs

The first thing that was important to narrow down was the product's demographics. Playstation Consoles primarily cater to males between the ages of 17 and 40 within the upper-middle to high income class of North America and extending to the rest of the world. They target big cities and densely populated areas like New Yory, Dubai, Toronto, Tokyo and London. The second market they aim for is suburban areas.

Shown in the first image of the slider above are the final sketches of the concepts narrowed down from the mind-mapping phase. All trying to keep the theme of having "buzz words" to describe the selling points, namely,  "Haptick Feedback" and "Adaptive triggers" for the controller, and "3D Audio" for the new headphones. Settling on the final concept depicted by the top sketch.

NOTES: ad applications in the real world.

Gaming. What is it about games that makes people love them?

“the escape”

To be something—someone; for that moment in time, that isn’t yourself. Away from the responsibilities of your reality. Therefore, the more immersive this experience, the better. The new features added to the PlayStation 5’s gaming experience play a major role in achieving this goal. These features include: “Haptic Feedback”, “AdaptiveTriggers” and “360 Audio”. Let me explain:

Haptic Feedback
The PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller comes equipped with haptic feedback technology, which will allow players to physically feel things like “slow grittiness of driving a car through mud” as they happen on-screen.

Adaptive Triggers
The L2 and R2 buttons will offer levels of resistance while gaming. Examples of this in action include the tension when pulling a bow string before firing an arrow and being able to differentiate between the feel of a machine gun and a shotgun.

360 Audio
The PlayStation 5 uses object-based spatial sound technology to create some of the most advanced 3D audio available. It’s an expansion of the technology used in the PS VR virtual reality headset, which is capable of replicating 50 sound sources. Today, the sound of rain in a game is a single audio track.

So with these features in mind, the three concepts were created. To appeal to the young imaginative men and women that aspire to be different. A visual representation of these features. Sticking to the original color of the company, supporting the imagry with the “edgy pink” and adding a relatively transparent background with the Japanese text for the word “PlayStation” as it appeared on the original logo. To remind the people that this is still the company they always loved taking them into the new generation of gaming. Presenting:

Feel Different. Play Different. Stay Different. With PlayStation 5.